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The Bush UK Visit Page - full listings of all the events
(plus some anti-terror search advise)

Below you will find an exhaustive list of the publically known events scheduled for the George Bush visit 18-21 November 2003.

This page is not an endorsement of any of the events listed and this site does not claim responsibility for the execution of any event mentioned. The information was all accurate reflections of the information publically available from the internet at 6am on Wednesday the 19th of November.

This page was created to remind people that police will probably use their anti-terror search powers on protesters at some of these events. These powers have been used by police on protesters attending previous anti-war demonstrations, and they can be expected to be used again during this period of "heightened security".

Anyone intending to attend the protests of George Bush's visit, please read up on the police anti-terror search powers. Police may single out protesters for these searches, so it is recommended that anti-bush protesters bring a copy of the Liberty section 44 search monitoring form which has a full explanation of what the police powers are. If you get searched, the form has handy advice that is easy to read as you are being searched.

Please note the information about the search and enter it onto the monitoring form as soon as possible. This information can be used in the Liberty appeal of the DSEi anti-terror search case that will return to the high courts next year.

If you were anti-terror searched at another demonstration in the London region during the past 3 years, please consider filling in a search monitoring form and submitting it to Liberty for their use in the appeal.

An Exhaustive list of Events Scheduled for George Bush UK visit

(as compiled on Sunday the 16th of November - Please note, this page will not be updated.)

Sources for events info-



Latest Itinerary (from Evening Standard, 17 November 2003)

Mobile Phones may be blacked out wherever Bush travels,,9389-898868,00.html

US Embassy's Official Plan for the Visit

BBC info about the visit -

Independent 16 November 2003 "Police Reverse ban on march to avert threat of violence"

Areas where the UK press are anticipating the most security measures-
1. Anywhere Bush is actually
2. Buckingham Palace & the Mall
3. The US Embassy
4. Parliament
5. Whitehall


Sunday 16 November

10.00 - Bare Witness invite you to spell out NO GM AMBUSH on Sunday morning

14.00 - Expats against Bush meet up at All Bar One in Leicester Square to prepare to have a US expat contingent represented on the 20th National Demo

17.00 - Born on the 4th of July film showing. Ron Kovic, the Vietnam veteran who the film was based on, will be coming over to London to join us in our protests against Bush. Ron will introduce the film and answer questions. 5pm, Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Place.

Monday 17th November

20.00-22.00 Photos from Bagdad. At the Vida Walsh Centre, 2b Saltoun Road, Brixton. Slides from well known snapper Guy Smallman.

19.00 - Non Violent Direct Action training Workshop, 7pm London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate St, London E1 1ES. 020 7377 9088. (includes Legal Observer training for the Resist Bush Tea Party on 19th)


Tuesday 18th November - Bush Arrives...

18.00: Burning Planet march against Bush staring at Lincoln's Inn Fields (Holborn Tube)
March the day Bush arrives in the UK. Route will pass ExxonMobil/"Esso" offices (Aldwych) and end at the US embassy. (photos, and report and more photos)
For more info see Campaign Against Climate Change. (

18.30: Bring Down Bush, Brixton. Windrush Square, Speakers, Poets and a large Statue of the President Select. (photos and report)

19.30: Stop the War Coalition Rally at Friends Meeting House, Euston Road.
Speakers to include Ron Kovic (Vietnam veteran), Harold Pinter (playwright), George Galloway MP (ex-Labour Party), Tony Benn, John Rees (Stop the War Coalition), Kate Hudson (CND), MAB speaker and Caroline Lucas MEP (Green Party). For more info see Stop the War Coalition (

19.30: Raw Peace - Performances from United Tribes, KORU, Bubblefunk, GM Baby, The Rub. Great films from various (incl. Ken Loach, David Kaplowitz). Video address from Tony Benn. Many campaign groups attending - Voices in the Wilderness, Rising Tide, ISM, Stop the War Coalition, JFJFP, etc. Location Sahara Nights, at Kings Cross, London (on Pentonville Rd. just near the King's Cross Thameslink BR Station)- Map at website -


Wednesday 19th November - Bush goes down to the MALL (for a planned procession along The Mall to give a speech on Transatlantic Alliance at the Banqueting House, for full itinerary updates, see Today, protesters will be barred from Whitehall apparently (according to the Evening Standard 18 Nov, 2003).

BUSH 19 NOV ITINERARY FROM INTERWEBNET.ORG (duplicated here in case their server mysteriously goes down)



(Also Suspected):

ALL DAY - "Day of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience" - Throughout the day: demonstrations around London dependent upon the itinerary of George Bush)

10.00 Critical Mass of opposition to George Bush. Meet with bikes etc Under Waterloo Bridge 10.00 a.m. for a 10.30 set off will hook with other events throughout the day (seems to be temporarily out)

11.00: Alternative State Procession (Stop the War) Cavalcade with cyclists, taxi drivers, scooter clubs etc. following open carriage. Procession starting Jubilee Gardens (the park at the London Eye).

11.00 to 14.30: School students rally against Bush! A walkout for School Students outside Parliament on Parliament Square. 
All students from colleges, schools and Universities to walkout against the murderer comming to town. All students to walkout at 10:30am to be present outside parliament at 11:00am
Organised by: Hayes school students SWP

12.00: Sambistas Street Party at Central London location. (Details TBA)

12.00: Street party, Malet St just outside the University of London Union. Bring costumes, agit-prop, bikes and fun, for a good old fashioned street party (c/o Young Greens)

13.00: O-I-L Womens peace picnic. Top end of Trafalgar Sq.

15.00: Resist Bush Tea Party at Buckingham Palace.
Mass protest, and civil disobedience. Bring banners, placards, drums whistles, pots and pans and tea.... this event is NON-VIOLENT and open to all people and actions provided that they 'don't harm or degrade any human being'. Meet Victoria Station 3pm.

16.30: Picket outside ESSO building, on the Aldwych, near to the LSE (London School of Economics).

"Let the employees of ESSO and assembled media exactly why the ties between George Bush and big oil are so strong...and why ESSO is one of the powers behind the throne of an idiotic, dangerous President." Bush is Esso's puppet, its time to cut their strings!. (c/o Young Greens)

17.00 Film Showing of "Walker" Alex Cox introduces Walker, his film about Nicaragua.
Prince Charles Cinema, 7 Leicester Place, London WC2, nearest tube Leicester Square. Tickets are £7 each from the box office(1:30pm to 9pm): 0207 494 3654

18.30: STOP BUSH T-Shirt Competition (Judging by 7.15pm)
Location: Railings of Buckingham Palace*
(see note below about substitute venues)

Prizes to be donated plus t-shirts being used as the centre of our press releases after the event plus the opportunity to travel with our judges in the Stop Bush rickshaw!

Design your own t-shirt to protest against human rights violations since Bush and Blair started the war on terrorism. Use words, embroidery, paint, photographs, or applique to design a t-shirt that tells George Bush he is not welcome. We advise you to dress warm, bring food and water, bring your camera, and keep your t-shirt protest under wraps till its time to party!

Speakers to include Jean Lambert (Green MEP), Dr Siddiqui (Campaign Against Criminalising Communities)

We hope to entertain you with the Rinky Dink & Band but MOST of all we look forward to seeing your t-shirt protests against Bush. Tel: Miranda on 07867 511383 or Mark 07967 054 289 on the 19th Nov for up to the minute info.

*If Buckingham Palace Railings are blocked off the t-shirt competition will take place outside the ICA, The Mall (1st substitute venue), Trafalgar Square (2nd substitute venue), or Parliament Square (3rd substitute venue).


20.00 Film Showing of "The Deal" and Ken Loach's "9/11"
Stephen Frears will attend the showing, his recent TV film about events surrounding Tony Blair’s rise to power. Ken Loach will then introduce his segment of 9/11 dealing with ‘the other September 11th’ - the coup against the democratically elected government of Chile in 1973.
Prince Charles Cinema, (see previous entry for details)

20.30 Tell me lies... An Evening of Poetry and Music
With: Adrian Mitchell, Mike Rosen, Saadi Yousef, Mark Steel and Tino Gonzales & band.
Camden Centre, Bidborough Street (Opposite Kings X Station). Tickets cost £7 (concessions £5). To reserve a ticket call 0207 053 2153/4/5/6 or e=mail to:


Thursday 20th November - Bush lunches at 10 Downing St (and lays a wreath at Westminster Abbey at 9 am in the morning)

BUSH'S 20 November ITINERARY (from the Evening Standard and Daily Telegraph of 18th Nov, 2003)



All day, All creeds, All UK - MAB day of Fasting for details see:

11-12 noon - Amnesty International protest of Guantanamo Bay Detainees Opposite Downing Street. (NOTE THE TIME AND VENUE CHANGE) George Bush is visiting the UK this week. Join us to demonstrate against the continuing human rights abuses being carried out at Guantánamo Bay.

13.00: outside the Odeon, Marble Arch. From there a silent 'Dharma-Yatra-style' walk to Buckingham Palace where we will sit and meditate. 07810 822786 FOR MORE INFO.

14.00: NATIONAL DEMO AGAINST BUSH. - Route starts from outside ULU (University of London) on Malet Street then proceeds down to the Aldwych and over Waterloo Bridge, along the South Bank to Westminster Bridge, up past Parliament then up Whitehall finally finishing at Trafalgar Square where a statue of George Bush will be pulled down. If you want to protest outside of Buckingham Palace today, you'll need to do it independently. Organised by Stop the War Coalition, CND and Muslim Association of Britain.

Call for Women's actions against Bush's visit:

- Forming a women's block on the November 20th demonstration.

- Regrouping after the main march on the 20th to protest outside the Queen’s gates at Buckingham palace. Women are invited to tie messages of protest to the metal gates that surround Buckingham palace. (including "bush trimmings" for the Queen, see below)

This is not a fixed plan of action. We invite women to join us in planning even more actions for Bush’s visit. Please join our e-mail list to discuss ideas by sending an e-mail to:

Expats (US) Against Bush
We will be meeting at the south end of Malet St, just north of the British Museum, at 1PM on Thursday November 20th, and marching down to Trafalgar Square starting at 2PM. Look for the banners saying "Proud of my Country, Shamed of my President".

(see this at We will be at the head of the entire procession of between 70 to 100,000 people, so the more of you show up, the better it looks for all of us!

TBA - School Kids Walkout. Already kids from four Schools in Bromley have pledged to walkout of School and, er storm Buckingham Palace! They want other kids to join them.

18.00 - Critical Mass to welcome George to town, under Waterloo Bridge, bring noise makers, lights, sounds, love and energy. (seems to be temporarily out)

Evening - Bush has meal at the US Ambassador's home near the Regent's Park Mosque (many Muslim groups plan to protest this)


Friday 21st November - Bush LEAVES. (formal farewell from the Queen and Prince Philip at 9.30am, and then goes to Sedgefield (Co Durham) with Blair for a Lunch before flying home).


11.00 - Demo is back on! Since word didn't get out very much and the demo is still listed on the STOP THE WAR website front page, so there's bound to be an unorganised Guantanamo Bay protest at the US Embassy at 11am TODAY anyway.

Note: Next Guantanamo Bay protest is going to be a massive demo opposite DOWNING STREET on Saturday the 13th of December, 2003 between 1-4pm. (December demo organised by the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities. See the petition that will be handed in at the demo.)

12.00 - LAAW National Day of Action on the 21st November to launch investigation of war crimes by Tony Blair PM. LAAW is calling for an investigation of the British Prime Minister T. Blair for War crimes, and its activists will be presenting a petition to Scotland Yard.
Legal Action Against War

TBA- Trial of Bush with key lawyers & a People's Assembly (Details Soon)

TBA- 'Goodbye Bush' concert. More Details Soon.


Sunday 23rd November

If you get nicked during the protests, the Legal Defence and Monitoring Group ( will be holding an advice session on 2pm at London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate St, London E1 1ES. 020 7377 9088.


Outside London Significant Events

19th in Bristol - A Bush Statue will be toppled.


21st in Sedgefield - Making Bush's visit a little bit more memorable, the local activists in Tony Blair's constituency will be their to "greet" the unwelcome Bush when he visits their Durham constituency. (Durham Constabulary confirmed more than 1,300 police officers will be on duty in the biggest operation they have ever mounted).

Meet Sedgefield village green which is opposite the St Edmund Parish Church, 10am-1pm (park Hardwick Country Park and walk short distance to Sedgefield) with Lindsey German of the Stop the War Coalition. Event organised by Sedgefield Stop the War Coalition, contact 07745 382917 (note - there will be transport from Sheffield to this event)

One website said: Sedgefield is just off the A1 (north of Darlington). 1 hour from leeds, 30 mins from newcastle. If you get lost look for the police helicopter... bring banners, flags, drums, whistles, air horns etc. Form affinity groups and look after each other.

Look, it's not that far to go, and what else were you planning to do on Thursday night?  It's an unmissable opportunity to witness the biggest policing event that the Durham Constabulary has ever mounted (at a cost of £1 million to the taxpayers there).


ONGOING - Throughout Bush Visit

Chasing Bush - the very first project of the passive resistance network,

Click to go to Chasing Bush

A very special online diary, designed to track George W. Bush for the duration of his visit to the UK. Submissions are requested by phone/mobile/etc.

IF YOU SEE GEORGE W. BUSH, EMAIL OR TEXT THE TIME AND LOCATION TO: bush [at] - To send a text, enter the email address, then a space, then send to: 07766 404 142

Bare your bum to bush

Bush not welcome - Pretzel Campaign

SCRAP BUSH! Call to women's action! Women's shaving protest!

Includes the call for women to join in protest by shaving their bushes and sending the trimmings to the Queen. Put them in an envelope with a note saying, "We've got rid of our bush, you get rid of yours!" When you have done this please send us an e-mail at: You don’t have to put your name if you don’t want to, we would just like an idea of the number of women who have taken part in the action.

Stencils and Stickers

Main Petition against Bush Visit (7,000+ signatories)

Paint Bombs of Opposition to Bush

Legal Information for Activists

If you plan to participate in any NVDA, street party, civil disobedience or independent Direct Action, it is recommended that you brush up on activist related legal information. Some of the planned protests will have legal support teams and legal observers, and some will not.

Liberty (

Free Beagles (

Urban 75 (

Schnews DIY (

Schnews Legal links (

Resist Bush (

Activists Legal Project (

Gluaiseacht (

Wombles (

LDMG- Legal Defence and Monitoring Group (

Moss and Co ( = lawyers often recommended for their handling of activists arrested. If you are arrested, you can get a solicitor to come to the station or give advise via the 24 hour freephone 0800 975 1232 for Central London 0800 980 9580 for East London

Also, if the police get out of hand with you, consider suing the police (see Schnews above)

Bush Go Home written in the Tate Modern by 80 nude protesters on 18 November 2003!

This site is hosted by The Fairford Coach Action, but does not reflect the collective views of the Fairford Coach Action group as a whole. It is edited by a single person. The Fairford Coach Action website hosts this mini-site because it also relates to a judicial review challenge of police tactics which interfered with protest. Mail can be posted to this mini-site via the following address ( - but remove the words NOSPAM from the address before posting).  We will attempt to respond as soon as possible, but there may be a delay in responses to any mail posted for the mini-site (due to small number of voluntary staff involved).