An Unofficial website concerning the Liberty legal challenge of police anti-terror searches at DSEi protests. 

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This page contains images of an anti-terror search of a protester at the DSEi arms fair.
(Click images for larger, higher quality versions of 100K-200K each).

At 4pm, on the 9th of September, many of the arms-fair protesters were leaving the area of the DSEi arms exhibition. This page contains images of a person who was searched under anti-terror powers by police as he crossed the footbridge to go to the Prince Regent DLR station. At the time, the bridge provided only provided access to the DLR station. The search lasted approximately 12 minutes, and no dangerous or suspicious items were discovered on the person searched.

These photos were taken by an observer. The person searched gave his consent for public dissemination of the photos which do not show his face.
   -a Legal Observer (who submitted these photos)

Police on the footbridge of Prince Regent DLR

This is a photo of the police on the bridge at around 4pm (before the search took place).

The protester, visible with his rainbow peace flag, is anti-terror searched by police

These are two similar photos of the arms-fair protester during the search.

Another photo of the search.

The person was searched while several police and bystanders looked on.

This is a photo of the search which shows the number of police involved in the search.

(These images are available for use, provided that they are acknowledged as "photos by legal observers")

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